At Antunes Transportation, LLC, we move a lot of trailer types most trucking companies wouldn’t even touch. But we’ll move it…with ease. How? We have a trade specialization that not many companies can compete with:

Antunes Transportation has the capability to incorporate contracted truck capacity into our vast freight network and dedicated projects utilizing our Antunes Transportation Truck-owned trailers. This benefits our customers by allowing for more flexibility while presenting a strong brand. Our fully-vetted carriers are monitored regularly for compliance through a dedicated carrier relations team. Antunes Transportation gives you drop-and-hook and shared trailer pool capability and capacity with our Truckload offering. Last but not least, our customers enjoy the added value that consistent professional drivers bring in the form of increased service levels and stable, long-term relationships.

When growing freight demands exceed your private fleet’s capacity, creative solutions are needed. Our Power Only service allows you to augment your existing operations without significant disruptions, by pairing your company owned trailers with the power capacity you require while utilizing your own trailers.


Power-only transport means the trailers we move are prepared in advance by the customer. Rather than loading up our trailers, which wastes time, manpower and increases the risk of damage to the cargo, we let the customer prepare it. Our drivers simply connect the pre-loaded trailers to their trucks, haul it away and drop it off. Fast and efficient service.


Safety is a priority at all times. At Antunes Transportation, our team of professionals ensure that all safety protocol is followed every step of the way, from obtaining permits for each state to weight restrictions guidelines. Our drivers only need to do one thing – connect their cargo and go. It’s that simple.

Bottom line, we do power-only in a way no one else can reproduce. It requires an immense amount of communication, customer and driver support, and round-the-clock availability. Our commitment to excellence keeps both our drivers and our customers happy and satisfied.

Power-Only Trucking

Antunes Transportation provides Power-Only Trucking services complete with tractor and driver throughout the Continental United States to pull customer owned equipment including flatbeds, chassis, containers, exhibition trailers, special event trailers, dry vans, refrigerated vans, and specialty trailers for local runs or long hauls. Power-Only Trucking drivers have experience in over-size equipment and can meet your needs for one-way trailer transport or round trip. Furthermore, Power-Only Trucking units come with sliding fifth wheels to fit your trailer’s configuration and turning clearance.

We serve a wide variety of customers – big and small – with Power-Only Trucking from such diverse industries as entertainment, medical, intermodal, portable equipment, machinery, government/military, and transportation equipment.

Great Western Transportation has the experience and knowledge to accommodate whatever your Power-Only Trucking needs may be, throughout the Continental United States.

How to Use Power Only Trucking Effectively

Companies are always looking for reliable, cost-effective solutions to increase business and make a profit. Power-only trucking helps reduce expenses while allowing you to move your products across the country to fulfill orders and meet shipment deadlines. Antunes Transportation has the availability to trucks and drivers you need to get your trailers to their destinations without the expense of hiring teams of over-the-road drivers. We supply single and team drivers to get your load from point A to point B quickly and safely. Whether your endpoint is the continental US or Canada, our drivers will pick up your trailer and deliver it to your destination in a timely manner.

Increase Efficiency

It is easier to meet deadlines and move shipments across the country when you know you have reliable, time-conscious drivers on hand. This gives your employees the ability to load the trailer and get it ready to go before the driver gets there. When they arrive, they pick up the trailer and go. This reduces wait time during loading and makes it easier to meet shipment deadlines. Your customers receive their goods on time and you know the products are loaded and packed to your specifications.

Cost-effective Shipping Solutions

Equipment, drivers, fuel, and the ever-increasing cost of repairs make owning and maintaining OTR trucks an expensive prospect for many businesses. New and small companies find it hard to own or operate these vehicles and turn a profit. Hiring out the delivery process saves time and money on repairs, maintenance, and insurance, not to mention the increased fuel expenses. Outsourcing the drive to a power-only trucking firm helps to reduce these costs as well as employment expenses. Our drivers serve a wide range of industries from entertainment to government and military transport. We have specialty trailers and sliding fifth wheels to provide the safest, most reliable delivery possible. Contact our Antunes Transportation team here in Westport, MA, to get the quote you need to save time and money for your business.



Power-Only Services

We understand that it’s not just a shipment to you, it’s your business. It’s ours, too. When you have cargo that needs to get across the country safely and on time, you can count on Antunes Transportation, LLC.

From moving empty trailers or transporting military equipment to speedily delivering generators to assist with disaster recovery, Antunes Transportation has been trusted to handle the needs of major corporations and the U.S. government. With our power only services, we transport a variety of types of trailers including flatbeds, dry vans, trailer mounted equipment, and portable machinery. Our expert drivers and national network of project managers are ready to help with your job, no matter how straightforward or complex.

Antunes Transportation Power Only Pop Up Fleets and Power Only dray give even more options to find the right solution.

Power Only Pop-Up Fleets

Antunes Transportation Power Only Pop Up Fleets provide qualified partner carriers, competitive rates, superior service and experienced team members. Power Only and Pop-up Fleets are ideal for surges, short-term or long-term. We offer a Dedicated fleet without the long-term commitment and you maintain the control. We provide a single point of contact with 24-hour customer service coverage.

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Specialized Support

• Transportation experts
• Competitive pricing
• Single point of contact
• 24/7 customer service
• Quality on-time service
• Dedicated fleet
• Unlimited capacity
• Reliable third-party carriers

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Power Only

Power Only Dray Provides the Solutions:

Antunes Transportation Power Only dray consists of an extensive nationwide network of third-party dray carriers. Capacity can fluctuate with surge needs locally, regionally or nationally. With 24-hour customer service and competitive pricing, Antunes Transportation power only drayage offers customized reporting, nationwide port and rail access with unlimited capacity to meet your needs.

• Tri-axle
• Standard chassis
• Super chassis
• Reefer
• Permitted hazmat third-party carriers
• Permitted liquor third-party carriers