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Heavy Haul Trucking of Over-dimensional and Overweight shipments, known as Heavy Haul shipments or Heavy Haul Trucking pose special challenges for shippers. Often times a shipment is both over-dimensional as well as overweight in nature and therefore may require special routing in order to travel only on the highways that permit vehicle weights that can accommodate them in the Continental United States and Canada.

Heavy Haul Trucking frequently requires special trucks and trailers that can carry the size of what you’re shipping. They may also require the purchase of special permits issued by the various governmental agencies, States, and municipalities through which your shipment will travel.

The experienced team at Antunes Transportation has the knowledge and access to required equipment that can handle your Heavy Haul Trucking needs.

Heavy Haul Trucking Details
When a flatbed trailer is insufficient due to the shipment being too tall, wide or heavy, a heavy haul trucking method is your only option.
Heavy haul trucking, also commonly called: superload, oversize, overweight or over dimensional, is explained below.

In the U.S. a superload is a truck tractor with an attached trailer that has an over dimensional or overweight object (the load) on it that exceeds the ordinary permit limits commonly associated with oversize or overweight loads. Both the size and weight of a superload are regulated by the State the load is moving in and is different depending on which State it is. An oversize load (including tractor and trailer) may exceed the standard legal dimensions of 13’6″ in height and 8’6″ in width (the length varies by State). The load must be non-reducible (cannot be reduced to legal dimensions). An overweight load must consist of a single unit to be shipped that will exceed the total legal gross weight of 80,000 lbs for the truck, trailer and unit shipped.

Equipment that may be required for heavy haul:

• Double Drops
• Extendable Trailers
• Removable Goosenecks (RGN)
• Stretch Trailers
• Trailers may be 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 20 axle

Legal Requirements for Oversize, Overweight and Superloads:

Knowing how to deal with the legal considerations, permits and the technical challenges of pulling a heavy haul load is crucial to having a successful oversized load shipment.

States require that certain oversize loads have certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO) to protect the motoring public and the oversize load. The purpose of a P/EVO is to safely escort a superload from its beginning location to its final destination without damaging the load, motorists, highways, roads, bridges, control devices, signs, wires, overhanging objects or property.

Antunes Transportation will manage the transportation of your superload shipment from start to finish, including obtaining special permits for each state – and county permits as needed, pilot cars or other escort vehicles and any additional equipment required to move your heavy haul load in a safe manner.

Antunes Transportation will arrange the logistics for even the most challenging shipments your company may need delivered in a safe, timely and cost competitive manner.

If your heavy haul item is not listed in the examples above please contact us, we will let you know if we can arrange shipment for your super-load or oversized item.

When it comes to heavy haul trucking background, we’ve shipped it all. Certain loads may require multi axle trailers or custom made components, but rest assured that our vast understanding and resources in heavy haul trucking will ensure even special circumstances will be handled with the utmost level of professionalism and customer service. Above all, safety is our top priority not only for drivers, but also for the general public that may come within close proximity to heavy haul or over dimensional freight.

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Below is a list of our common Heavy Haul Examples:

Heavy Hauling

We understand the complexity of transporation management

At Antunes Transportation, LLC we understand that transportation management is not easy. That's why we partner with your business to be experts in logistics so that you can focus on your business. Whether you need help with additional capacity, lane development, general freight coordination, we offer comprehensive services that you get your products where they need to be... Securely and on time.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the personal touch you wont get with other transportation companies. We will track and manage  your shipments, so you have peace of mind that your  shipments are in good hands.

We offer full range of transportation capabilities nationwide including; Specialized/heavy hauling services. The Antunes Transportation management network is accumulated from the wide range of carriers that are thoroughly evaluated before they are approved as part of a Strict Carrier Approval Process.

Our heavy hauling services include the needed permits and more. We will look into the options that best meet your business needs, and will handle your shipment from booking to destination. Our partnership and commitment to you means that you don't have to worry about any of the details so that you can focus on your business.

Heavy Hauling Division

A tribute to our “personal commitment to always deliver,” Antunes Transportation now operates Heavy Haul units in the Northeast.

Originally, established to meet the needs of one of Antunes Transportation premier retail customers, the Heavy Haul Division has evolved into one of the most effective solutions for the many weight sensitive shippers in the region. Comprised of a variety of unique trailer configurations, Antunes Transportation professionals are constantly engineering new solutions for our customers’ supply-chain requirements.

Antunes Transportation is rapidly becoming the preeminent transportation provider for manufacturers of many commodities, including paper products, beverages and Heavy construction machinery.