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Antunes Transportation, LLC, Your Shipping Partner Since 2016

Antunes Transportation, LLC is a full-service freight logistics company whose primary focus is developing web-based applications to assist businesses and individuals with their freight shipping needs. Using Antunes Transportation, LLC enables customers to easily compare rates from different carriers, book and track shipments, and print shipping documents online. Our network of strong relationships with more than 100 reputable carriers allows Antunes Transportation, LLC customers to easily obtain volume discounts on the same great service.

Antunes Transportation, LLC was formed in 2016 and has continued to grow in size and strength. Based in Westport, Massachusetts area on the Northeast coast, Antunes Transportation, LLC is a leading provider of freight solutions and processes hundreds of shipping transactions daily. Our mission is to create an all-in-one shipping solution service for our customers, complete with personalized attention and customer support while continuing to develop and introduce innovative freight solutions for ecommerce and supply chains of all sizes.

We adapt to the needs of small and large supply chains.

We understand the quickly changing needs of supply chains as they send and receive freight between their suppliers, distribution centers and customers. At Antunes Transportation, LLC our mission is to provide the best level of customer service industry-wide. Our supply chain and small business shippers mutually agree that quality service differentiates us between our competition.

Antunes Transportation, LLC is your leading choice to optimize and integrate your complete supply chain management plan. With our multidimensional approach and full range of transportation capabilities, the results will leverage your company to the next level and streamline your entire transportation department. At Antunes Transportation, LLC we will customize a complete supply chain solution unique to your company. We will use your company's’ unique business, environmental, pricing and product factors and work them all together into an organized transportation plan that works specifically for you. By choosing Antunes Transportation, LLC to handle all your logistics and supply chain management services, you will receive a complete, efficient plan with the highest degree of savings optimized to your specific needs.

Who We Are
Antunes Transportation, LLC founded in 2016, has grown from a traditional freight brokerage into a leading full service 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider. Our company utilizes web-based technology to provide scalable shipping services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to offer a competitive combination of personal service and technological convenience that simplifies freight shipping for everyone.

We believe in the power of relationships from the inside out. The connections we make with our employees are the cornerstone of our company's growth and development; making a positive experience for everyone we interact with.

What Our Customers Are Saying
We provide competitive freight shipping prices and an all-inclusive, easy-to-use shipping experience for our customers. Exceeding our customers' expectations results in thousands of satisfied customer reviews and repeat business. We believe in the power of our customer relationships. Check out what Antunes Transportation, LLC customers have to say about their freight shipping experience!

Freight Brokerage Services
Antunes Transportation, LLC offers the security of an asset-based carrier with the resources of a world class 3PL. As a licensed, bonded and insured freight property broker, our logistics division gives you access to thousands of qualified carriers and related service companies across North America. Whether you need a primary service provider or just surge capacity, Antunes Transportation, LLC has the resources and expertise to get the job done.

Capacity with Quality
With 13,000-plus pre-qualified carrier fleets under contract, we can provide dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, pad wrap and logistics trailers. Each carrier must pass our rigid qualification process. In addition to highway truckload service, we offer intermodal and LTL service to help you save.

Proactive Shipment Management
Our proactive shipment management process leaves nothing to chance. We manage the details of every shipment from door to door to head off delays and keep you informed. There are no surprises.

Logistics Projects
When you have a logistics project that involves more than just transportation, Antunes Transportation, LLC has the resources and expertise to handle roll-outs, cross-docking, consolidation/distribution, product pre-staging, time-definite delivery, inside deliveries, labor, and of course, full project management. We’ve built a solid reputation serving large retailers for new store openings and remodels for many years.

Multiple Modal Options
In addition to highway truckload service, Transportation, LLC offers rail intermodal and LTL service. We’ll objectively recommend the best options for your budget and service needs.

We Value Long-term Relationships
We aim to be competitive and believe that competing strictly on price is a losing proposition for everyone. We have found when customers go for the lowest cost they often find themselves abandoned when providers find better paying freight, we find our value is providing fair pricing to develop the relationship for the long-term. This competitive pricing and ongoing commitment to relationships has been our recipe for success for over 2 years.

We Are Proactive
Our view is that anticipation is the highest form of service and that is our goal. We want to know what you value most to ensure we are delivering it. We strive to make our customers' jobs easier. We work hard to solve or minimize potential problems before they arise If there is something we can do to help prevent a problem we do it.

Access To More Equipment = More Capacity
The landscape of the driver market continues to become more competitive as drivers leave the industry at a greater rate than new ones entering. Having access to our fleet of Independent Contractors and preferred carriers allows us to find more capacity faster to grow with our customers. It also lessens the risks associated with the high fixed capital cost of growing a large asset-based fleet.

We Are Different Than Other Logistics Companies
The biggest players in the brokerage market often are extremely cost competitive but lack quality of service, communication and customer care. We treat all business as critical to our success. You are not just another customer. We aim for continuity, often the same drivers drive the same lanes, they get to know your freight and your customers.

We Help You Manage Your Freight Cost
Having access to our large capacity network helps us to keep our competitive rates. When demand for trucks is high you won’t be stuck at the mercy of a small handful of carriers. We work to keep pricing competitive when demand increases by utilizing the most cost effective mix of equipment.

We Help You Focus On Your Core Business
Managing relationships with multiple carriers can be cumbersome. Monitoring authority, insurance, CSA scores, performance takes resources and time. We take care of all of it to make sure safe, compliant carriers are put to work. Leave the hassle to us.


Full Service Brokerage

Antunes Transportation, LLC is a full service brokerage and transportation company with over 7 years of experience in the transportation industry. They have gained the knowledge and formed the relationships to provide you with the best possible service every day. They specialize in Truckload and Temperature Controlled Freight. Servicing the lower 48 they are strongest out of Massachusetts and Northeast of the United States.

They also understand that you have many choices when it comes to who you trust with your freight. This is why they make customer service their absolute top priority. From offering today’s most innovative technologies like real time shipment tracking and a seamless flow of information through their website to something as simple as answering phones and returning emails, they pride themselves on customer service and are confident they can earn your business and build a new relationship.

Antunes Transportation, LLC providing customized transportation services to industries of all types.

Whether you need to ship refrigerated, dry, or specialized equipment across the nation or around the world, our logistics support has the perfect fit for your line of business.

Our specialties include food manufacturers, retail, perishable and non-perishable general commodity manufacturers and distributors, flatbed and specialized equipment, and more.

Let's be honest... Freight Brokers are a dime a dozen. The same old song and dance about saving money. Same old cold calls. There isn't a lot of differentiation within the market... Until you've dealt with us. What it truly comes down to is the team's ability to perform under pressure, live up to commitments and react in a cost effective manner. We're bucking the norm. Setting a new standard. Driving change. Without breaking the bank.
We understand the urgency of keeping production lines running, employees working and machines turning. We're a team of talented, dedicated individuals that not only care about our partners. We care about how your business operates. We're an extension of you. From pickup to delivery.

Logistics can be hard...
Let us prove it.
Let Us Help You

Why Antunes Transportation, LLC?
We want to share our established logistics expertise with value-conscious companies like ours who value efficiency of operation, human interaction, and great customer service. We work with quality, reliable, safe transportation providers and strive to tailor solutions to best meet your needs.

What's in it for you?
- One-on-one customer service
- Wide range of shipping solutions
- Expert consultation
- Real time information
- Competitive freight costs from transportation providers
- Reliable transit times from transportation providers
- Global and domestic freight management services
- Intermodal / Multimodal options
- Project management
- Cost analysis
- Auditing
- Expedited services from transportation providers
- Special handling from transportation providers
- Reverse logistics
- Fulfillment
–    Supply chain
–    Reliable, licensed, bonded property broker

Antunes Transportation have the network to perform
Our logistics offering combines our assets and partner carrier resources to deliver a wide range of Truckload and LTL services. The implementation of SAP technology several years ago, served to streamline our processes, creating shipment visibility and reporting far beyond industry standards.

We take a proactive approach to our clients’ freight management requirements. Using our decades of logistics experience to our clients’ advantage, we are able to deliver solutions that both create service enhancements and match their freight procurement expense guidelines.

The dedicated professionals that man our logistics department take great pride in marrying our extensive resources to deliver a wide range of transportation services throughout USA, Canada and Mexico. These include:

•    Domestic LTL and Truckload service throughout Canada
•    Cross-border FCL intermodal and highway service
•    Warehousing and distribution programs
•    Specialized equipment requirements including flatbed and heavy haul
•    Northbound, Southbound and all NAFTA markets
•    International air and ocean services for the convenience of existing customers.

Thank you for taking the time to review our Dedicated Services information. We'd like to know how Antunes Transportation, LLC can help you with your shipping needs. Please use one of the options below to get in touch.

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Full Service Brokerage

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