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Dedicated Solutions That Work For You

Antunes Transportation, LLC provides customized Dedicated solutions to meet the unique needs of your business and your industry. By trusting us to manage your transportation, you can reap the benefits of a private fleet without the many complications that come with it. Let us manage all aspects of the operation including cost, regulations compliance, service performance and more so you can focus on your core business. We work with customers of all sizes, so our scalable solutions will improve the efficiency and flexibility of your distribution network, while delivering award-winning service.

We Understand Your Industry
• Automotive
• Food & Beverage
• Consumer Products
• Industrials
• Health Care

Dedicated fleet services from a leader in logistics.
We get it. You run a business, not a fleet of trucks. Great on-time performance and safe, cost-efficient deliveries are tough to do these days given driver shortages and retention rates. Not to mention the high cost of fuel and owning equipment. Antunes Transportation, LLC is a Massachusetts-based provider of dedicated fleet and contract transportation services that understands what it takes to run your network.

Whether you need one truck or a fleet of 100, Antunes Transportation has the equipment and technology to get the job done economically. Meeting your Team at Antunes Transportation is easy with our award-winning service. Can your fleet provider or in-house operations provide you with real-time tracking and delivery information? What about high customer satisfaction rates? With Antunes Transportation fleet services, it’s job done.

Dedicated fleet and contract services
When operating your own trucks, the cost and risk of owning and maintaining a private fleet can be a burden. Relying on just any transportation provider can be wrought with pitfalls. If you are considering supplementing your existing fleet or need to outsource your entire transportation and distribution network, turn to the pros at Antunes Transportation, LLC. In business since 2016, we’re a leader in dedicated fleets and contract transportation.

Whether your deliveries are regional or more national in nature, Antunes Transportation serves your network with professional, fast service. From intermodal and TL to freight requiring specialized equipment, Antunes Transportation serves companies across industry, including the manufacturing and automotive sectors. Your operations—and your customers—benefit by an end-to-end transportation management solution that ensures superior JIT service.

Get the Antunes Transportation advantage
Are you considering supplementing your private fleet? Want to know what contract transportation can do for your supply chain? Need to shed the high costs of operating your own trucks? We want to hear from you. Contact us today to tell us your distribution issue or request a quote.


Safety: our number-one priority and we expect our employees and partners to be aware of how their behavior and choices affect safety.

Integrity: we demonstrate honesty, follow-through on commitments and remain accountable.

Respect: treating others just as we would expect to be treated fosters a supportive environment.

Quality: we ensure quality service by measuring performance as well as providing resources and training to our employees.

Service: we exceed your expectations by identifying logistics needs and finding creative solutions


Antunes Transportation understands that your supply chain needs are unique and that’s exactly why we’ve engaged the best minds in the industry to create specific solutions customized to suit your ever-changing operating environment.

From precision design to seamless execution, our dedicated transportation professionals are engaged every step of the way to provide you with the most accurate and economical transportation arrangement the industry has to offer. Dedicated fleets can provide consistency and predictability of cost management and can help your company manage future increases and avoid market fluctuations. We’re not saying that we have the solutions, we’re showing our customers that we do every day.


Dedicated Carrier

Goals and Objectives

As stated many times, our goal is to solve our customer’s problems before they know they have problems and to provide pristine and timely delivery of their product. We will do this by having the very best personnel, systems and equipment in the industry. As such, that requires reinvestment in our company on a continuing basis. In order to do that, the company must make a fair return on assets employed.

In addition, the company will operate in an open and fair manner, obeying all laws and regulations. Our operations will always be open to examination from our industry partners as well as from regulatory agencies. We will be open and honest in all our dealings, both outside the company and inside.

Employees will be treated fairly and our standard will be the Golden Rule, where we will treat people the way we want to be treated.

We will embrace technology in order to provide our customers with the information they need to manage their customer bases. Our objective is to provide a window on our operations and our customer’s freight at all times. We will maintain communications to support this as well as appropriate systems. Finally, we will provide our outside partners with the knowledge we can be relied upon by having redundant systems that are backed-up appropriately so they can feel certain all obligations have been met, even under adverse circumstances. We will do this by opening our communications to outside inquiries of key date, by providing advance information on shipments so our customers can plan their resources and deliveries and by accepting feedback.

The company’s key focuses will be safety and customer service. Safety provides not only a way to control costs, but sends a signal to the driving public about our attitude. We participate in an insurance group that demands safety and helps benchmark our standards and results against some of the best in the country.

Finally, we will always endeavor to provide our services in a cost-effective manner by using industry best practices.



What is Dedicated Services?
Dedicated Services provides for the provisioning and dedication of transportation resources directly to a specific logistics need. When timing, special handling, volume or other special circumstances do not allow for common carriage to be effective, Dedicated Services can ensure available capacity and overall peace of mind.

Having your own “Dedicated” fleet of professional and experienced transportation resources can be of great benefit to your organization.

Benefits include:
- Flexible contract terms / No equipment lease obligations
- Limited risk and exposure for accidents or other liabilities
- Relief from managing DOT safety and compliance
- Access to advanced logistics technologies
- Reliable and consistent budgeting of fleet cost
- Resource contingency support through our Integrated Network of Service Centers and Dedicated Sites
- Driver recruiting, training, and retention through developed networks
- Back-haul assistance program to reduce empty miles

Our experience is broadly based across various service and supply chain types.
Our experience includes but is not limited to:

Service Types:
- Unattended & Nighttime Delivery  -  Static Routes  -  Tier I & II Manufacturing  -  JIT/JIS  -  Cross Dock Operations 

- Reverse Logistics  -  Yard Management  -  Multi-stop Truckload  -  Truckload

Supply Chain Segment Types:
- Retail Distribution (Dedicated Customer to Customer)  -  Wholesale Distribution (Dedicated Customer to Retail Store)
- Assembly Operations and Manufacturing  -  In Process Manufacturing Plant Transfer
- Warehouse Transfers (Plant to Dedicated Customer)

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